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An 'Inside Scoop' of what Really goes on 'Behind Closed Doors' when it comes to the Family and Children Services Organizations! Written by an Author with a lifetime of Experience; who had not only been wronged by them herself in her childhood, but has continued to be in her adulthood as well. This Book was written as a way to Protect the Children and Families of our Future from this Corrupt Organization. And Finally Speak-Out Against Them!

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So, earlier this morning when listening to the Radio – I had been reminded of something that had happened to a very young 2 year old boy in Cambridge Ontario.

Although, I was happy to hear that the people that were the cause of this poor boy’s death are now finally facing the consequences of their actions…. I was so distraught….

The reason for my being so distraught is simply because of the fact that I recall hearing about this when it all first came about back in December of last year; the feelings I had felt when initially hearing about it – I found overwhelming me this morning following my hearing that consequences are now being faced. The feelings of how much of this may have been avoided if the Organization that was to be Protecting Children ~ had ACTUALLY been doing so… As I recall this whole situation like it was yesterday… and recall reading that the Child Protection Agency in our Region had received numerous reports against the mother of the child. Now, if only things had been investigated by the Child Protection Agency that little bit more… how things could be different…..

Next thing I know, I find myself on Google; searching for the News Article with respects to what I had just heard…Emotions getting the best of me, as I haven’t gone through what I have with respects to writing the book “Family and Children Services: Child Protection? Or Child Corruption?” – for things to seemingly get worse…. or at least that’s how it appears at this point.

Thankfully, I don’t have any intention at stopping at just one; and will do what is necessary for all the Children and Families out there that have been affected by this Corrupt Organization and Ensure to Raise the Awareness that the Child Protection Organizations all over the World aren’t all they’re cracked up to be… not just in my own backyard….but seriously – ALL OVER THE WORLD!

I find it just stings that much more having things like this take place in my own backyard despite my efforts – and now there have been 3 other children since this young boy that also have now taken their seat next to our Lord. How is that right!? How is that fair to this young boy and the others? It’s not… they all still had their whole lives ahead of them…. that’s the part that stings the most I find.

Below; I have attached the link to the News Article with relation to the Consequences now being laid against those that have done this….

Until next time…

This Can’t Be Happening!

Hello World!

I am sorry it’s been as long as it has.

Unfortuately, when it comes to the situation that I have been facing for almost a year now with Family and Children Services of the Waterloo Region; has been a little more overwhelming then a person would like to admit. Especially when coming across something I have recently that not only blew my mind – but burns my ass like you wouldn’t believe!! Let me elaborate a little bit for you.

So, I recently (within the last couple months); came across an article involving the Executive Director of Family and Children Services of the Waterloo Region. This was an Interview type article with CBC News; that had been based on the death of 2 children in the region. During the interview, not only does the Director not speak on any details (Clearly showing that the Organziation had involvement prior to the death of these children) – But she later also addresses the community, advising that people make a report to the Family and Children Services of the Waterloo Region if they suspect or are aware of child abuse. **Click the following link to read the CBC News Article*** –

Now, once reading the article myself. Not only was I heartbroken because of these 2 children that had recently passed away in my region; knowing full well that the chances of Family and Children Services more than likely had involvement prior to this incident. However, anger and disbelief seemed to be the emotions that had taken over!

I couldn’t believe that the Executive Director actually had the Nerve to address the community saying what she said – knowing full well what happened when I tried to do that exact thing… made a report to the Organization trying to protect my son from an abusive step parent. Although the result of that, is the situation I am currently facing. Now dealing with a Child Protection Case myself due to my becoming angered and upset because of the Organization neglecting to due their job regardless of the admittance of abuse they received from my son. Which in turn resulted later on in my son being sent back to the abusive home by a judge; after they had hysterically laughed at me when I tried to explain the laws I had been relying on when dealing with the matter. (Having my son in my care for 9 days – picking him up from school the day the 2nd report was made to the Organizaiton and I had come learn they were neglecting yet again to protect my son). Clearly not being very pleased by the outcome; and doing everything to try to ensure the safety of my son. Being upset by the fact that due to the neglect of the members of the Organizaiton involved in the investigation following the report I had made – my son had been sent back. I expressed my feelings outright (keeping in mind that I have anxiety and PTSD); and due to this – and personal feelings the Organization has towards myself… In the end – the person that had made the report to Family and Children Services of the Waterloo Region – is the one they decided to come after; and file a child protection application against. When I did nothing but try to protect my son.

For those that are unaware – not long after all this began; I did have a business meeting with the Executive Director of the Family and Children Services of the Waterloo Region. Being able to do this when my book “Family and Children Services: Child Protection or Child Corruption;” and incident with them pursuing myself are one of the same. As a result of this meeting – the Executive Director agreed to review the case file; later on sending me a letter stating that she does not disagree with what her Organization has done!

The way I see it – and why it burns my ass sooo much!!!

Where does the Executive Director get off addressing the community advising everyone to make a report to Family and Children Services when there is suspected child abuse… when she KNOWS very well what her Organization has done to myself and my son! A little boy with a cognitive delay not knowing specifically when the abuse took place is NOT a good enough reason NOT TO PROTECT A CHILD – and come after the child’s mother for trying!!

Ignoring the Obvious

Hello World!

So, to say the very least the meeting that I had recently attended with the members of the Organization involved in this mishap; was a waste of time and completely useless. Regardless of the fact that my son persists to express his feelings and there have been multiple concerns since things have begun. They remain to ignore the obvious “Red Flags,” and sent a follow-up letter some few days later. Believe you me; when I read what they had to say I couldn’t believe my eyes! (you will find a picture of the letter below. Keeping personal information hidden of course) They really want to encourage an abusive relationship? They don’t see a problem with the fact that he doesn’t know how to dress himself at 8 years old? (this being with pants that have strings or a symbol on the front nonetheless); the ones that are typically the easiest for a child to know which way the correct way is! Not even considering the fact that he knew how to properly dress himself at the age of 4 when “Round One” between the Organization and myself had been taking place… Or as some of the people that may have read my book would know it as – “The November Nightmare.”

Truthfully… when I read the letter it really seems to me like more of a so called “Wild Card” (I guess you can say). Almost as if they are testing me to see what’s more important to me; or as one would have it – what bothers me more. The fact that the Child Protection Organization has refused to protect my son; or the fact that they came after me for trying to get them to do so. Can’t say I am too sure as what I am supposed to think; but I do think that maybe treating it as such would be the safest idea.

It’s just so frustrating when there have been so many concerns that have come up in the last 8 months or so that this has been going on – that the members of the Organization persist to ignore. This includes safety concerns! Letting my little boy climb a ladder with a handful of nails; with no spotter on the bottom and his father on the roof!

Worst part of it all – the Organization claims to have “no evidence;” but meanwhile they have the admittance of what had previously transpired by my son!! YES he told them about what happened and they STILL Haven’t done a thing to protect him!! Wild isn’t it!? But seemingly enough – I am the bad guy for trying to protect my son and try to get the members of the Organization to do their job!? Idk… I do have mediation coming up.. Praying to all the God’s and Goddess’ of the World that it goes well for the sake of my little man!

With that being said; think I am going to leave you all for now. Until next Time! (don’t forget the image of the letter is below – feel free to comment your opinion)

Please Always Remeber – “Tough Times Don’t Last , Tough People Do”

Possibly Light at the End of the Tunnel

Hello again World,

So, I have a very important meeting tomorrow; and I will admit, I am a bit nervous. There is a lot on the line when one considers the current situation at hand that I have been dealing with. My counsel says that if things go smoothly and get figured out it should work in our favour…I just pray to all the God’s and Goddesses of the World that he is right for the sake of my child.

I do have hope… it’s not that I don’t. But I do know the kinds of games this Corrupt Organization tends to pull on people; (especially me). Already pulling the rug out from my husband and myself once before when making a “Family Center Service Plan” during a meeting with the case worker. Most people that have had previous involvement with the Organization are well aware of the fact that a Family Centre Service Plan is ususally only done when the intention is to have the child return to the care of the parents. Although, that may be very well what the case worker had us believe during the meeting. Even asked for me to provide things that would assist when they were to meet with their supervisor the following day. So, providing the case worker everything I could to assist them with ensuring that my child were to be returning to the care of my husband and myself…the rug was pulled out from under us; and group access was the outcome.

So now, here we are. Six (6) months down the road since the beginning of this whole mishap – mediation yet to come; and things haven’t changed. My child at the end of our “supervised access” visits that are only an hour and a half long. My eight year old (whom has a global developmental delay which in turn causes a cognitive delay for my child); always becomes very distraught and beyond upset when access comes to an end. Throwing himself around, screaming, insisiting he does not want to go etc. On more than one occassion, even stating aloud where a worker had been close enough to hear him what his wishes are and how he feels.

Now, according to the Child, Youth and Family Services Act under Section 74 (Best Interests of a child); it clearly states in there “the childs wishes and views if they can be reasonably ascertained” (this is off the top of my head). However, in this case that doesn’t seem to really matter; and the members of the Organization involved have made it clear that they are only going to take the delay of the child into consideration when it suits them.

You wonder why I am nervous about this meeting tomorrow.

I just really pray that my counsel is correct for the sake of my child; that things go smoothly, and we can figure this out. Hopefully, there finally being a light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks everyone!

Until Next Time – “Tough Times Don’t Last. Tough People Do” ~ Brett Kissel

Ciao! xoxo

Mind Goes Wild

Hello World!

Do you ever hate the way that something can get to you so badly and bother you so much that you almost can’t help but think about it?

I find that happening to me all the time when dealing with the Family and Children Services Organization. Eventhough it seems as though the current situation I am dealing with seems to be progressing in a better direction. When things happen, I can’t help but get anxious and wonder why…why the members of the Organization all of a sudden want to change something. Is it a good thing? A bad thing? Are they just playing games still?

I have done my best to remain hopeful with respects to things as a whole… but when push comes to shove and I have to see my little boy’s heart break twice a week during supervised access because of things transpiring the way they are. It’s not always easy to say the least… (and ya wonder why my anxiety goes off when things change?).

All in all, I can truthfully say that I do pray; not just for the sake of my own son but for the sake of all the children and families out there that this Organization have harmed. That my book series makes a difference when in regards to Child Protection as a whole; and for the better. That is my goal!

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts about the real child protection corruption that goes on… and that I am dealing with.

Until Next Time Everyone – We WILL SPEAK UP AND SPEAK OUT!

Take Care Everyone!


Oh the Irony!!

So, I am signed up to an email subscription to get informed about local news in my area!

I came across this and Found it to be VERY IRONIC; when taking into Consideration the Fact that I was Only in Contact with Mr. Trudeau as well as the woman that had been running the Child Welfare in the Cabinit at the Time!!!

Once and a While… you Do Get the Irony!!

Trudeau makes child care pledge in Waterloo (audio)

Dreams Come True!

Good Morning World!

So, to say the very least these last couple months have been beyond interesting with the Release of my Book – Family and Children Services: Child Protection Or Corruption?

But what you don’t know; is the most interesting part! How it all Started! How it Came to Be that 4 years later – a manuscript that I had written so many years ago, is now Finally getting Published!

I am sure all of my readers are familiar with those Random Text Messages one gets to the Cell Phone that tend to be like a Soliciting Text Message. Well, I had received one of those one morning that had been in relation to bringing a person’s ideas to life in the form of a book and to click the link that had been within the text.

So, after reading this – and being somewhat surpised at the timing; I clicked on the link; which in turn had taken me to a website where I ended up speaking with someone from their Online Chat. Next thing I know, I am talking to a different person, who is an expert in the Genere of my Book (who is now like a Big Brother to me; my Incredible Editor Anthony!) And the Next thing I know…. my Wildest Dream is coming True! The Manuscript that I had written during one of the hardest times in my life – that would Expose the Family and Children Services Organization for all the Damage they have caused to so many families. And Finally be able to help other families that have ever been in or are currently going through something similiar to my own experiences!

I know that when you’re in the middle of dealing with it all, it’s not easy and you can’t see past your situation and all the harhness in it… and some wouldn’t know the first place to turn to get help. That’s why, within the pages of my book my Readers WIll Find ALL the same Resources I used personally to be Successful Against Family and Children Services Self Represented!!

I also know how hard it is to see that there could possibly be a light at the end of the tunnel when you’re going through it all. But I am here to tell you that There Is One!! And I am Living Proof!

“Tough Times Don’t Last; Tough People Do!”

Until Tomorrow!



Hello again People of the World!

I am sorry for the delay in this post. However things at the Present time are heartbreaking…especially when you feel like you can’t be truly happy because of a promise you were forced to break….Let provide somewhat of an explanation…

Once again I have been a target of the Corruption of the Family & Children Services Organization. Only this time; they seem to have taken things much further than I ever could’ve anticipated. Which is also the reason why I am currently working on a Second Editon to my Upcoming Release Next Month of my Book – Family and Children Services: Child Protection or Corruption?

I have learned that attempting to put your faith in our system; is not necessarily something one would want to do; Especially when it comes to our Child Welfare System! The ONLY Reason Why I am going through what I am now with the Orgaization is due to my attempting to protect my own offspring from being harmed by a step parent – the end result – I am once again their target…regardless of things that they have been informed by the child directly. However, because he had been unable to provide any specifics to the incident (when it happened etc); the Organization has in turn REFUSED to Protect a Child Due to this Alone!! Although; no where does it say in the Child, Youth and Family Services Act that this is to be the case!

So yes, in the end; because of a past with them, I remain to be targeted and a child remains to be in danger and unprotected.

But, I would like to leave you all with this. A song that my little man and I say is “Our Song” – Tough People Do by Brett Kissel. This song has gotten us through some of the toughest times. But Every Word of the Chorus is True!

“..Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough People Do!..”


Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the Family & Children Services: Child Protection or Corruption Website!

This site was created as a way to interact with the World, and provide everyone a way to get to know the person behind the words; as I anticipate the Book Release Upcoming in October!

Well, to start us off…. I think it would be best to start at the beginning. Explaining my lifetime experience with the Family and Children Services Orgaization in my Region.

Family & Children Services has been involved in my life for as long as I can remember. Starting when I was in Elementary School; Grade 6 to be exact. I recall confiding in a friend during recess with respects to things that had been transpiring at home, and then the next thing I know; I am talking to my teacher, then the principal and then of course Family and Children Services. This also being the first time they had ever become involved in my life; but unfortunately not the last. Once the investigation had been completed; in spite of my admitting to the worker what had taken place, they had left things as they were. Without intervention and not taking any concern for my younger brother, whom had also been very young at the time.

This had cycle had persisted throughout my childhood; continously, for practically every year after the fact to my recollection. And yet it remained; that due to what they had been informed by my parents during their initial investigation. They had left me in an abusive home, knowing full well what had been going on; claiming that their reasoning had been due to their not being any physical marks that could be seen. The emotional damage that it had been doing to me; seems as though it wasn’t even considered back then.

Then, many after many years of this; at the age of 17; Family and Children Services had been involved yet again. Only this time due a serious incident that had taken place with my father. Which in turn had left me with a black eye and visible choke marks on my neck. By this time my younger brother being in the second grade. I am sure that can imagine the consequences that would have criminally been faced due to this; and that’s when Family and Children Services decided to remain involved.

Now, because of the past and the lack of protection I had as a child. Not only am I now a Walking Target for Family and Children Services. But I am also now physically disabled for the rest of my life. Being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at the young age of 29. I had learned when being diagnosed by a Rhumatologist that the leading cause in Fibro… is severe trauma. So, to say the very least; my childhood past has now haunted my future in a way that’s unimaginable.

But, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!

Stay tuned for my next post when I explain my involvement with Family and Children Services that will elaborate more on the Organization and their involvement in my adultlife.